About us Hilux Trade.

Establish since 1983, we are one of the leading exporters of Hilux pickup truck both brand new and used one.  We locate in Bangkok, Thailand. As you know, Thailand is the land of pickup truck.  We have all the major Japanese pickup trucks to supply, with a very best price. Again, we are specialty for Toyota Hilux. As our slogan said, “if it is Hilux, we give you the best”.

More than 30 years in automotive field and long-term export work, HiluxTrade guarantees you to supply the best price, and service to you. You will get your car in the best condition.

HiluxTrade will offer you both brand new and used Hilux. Either in original OEM condition or in fully equip with accessories.  We will customize a Hilux following your preference, sourcing the best accessories in Thailand and put on your Hilux. What you will get is ready-to-be on the road Hilux.

What you have to do is choose the model you like. Then we will handle all the hassle works for you. You just need to wait for your brand new car arrived.


Perfect for the tradie, the HiLux Single-Cab range offers a large try for all your tools and accessories.

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With 4 seats the HiLux Extra-Cab is perfect for carrying the team – and all the gear you need in the back.

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The HiLux Double-Cab range is perfect for both the weekend away, and the big working week.

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Not Only Hilux, but we also offer you fully equipped Hilux. Check out our standard style or just tell us which is you are looking for your Hilux style accessories.

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