Is Hilux I get either brand new or used one?

This is your choice. We offer both brand new and used car. If you order a brand new one, it is 100% brand new off showroom.

Do you offer both Left hand drive and Right hand drive Hilux?

We normally offer only RHD Hilux, according to Thailand specification.

Does my Hilux come with heater system?

No, it is Thailand spec that Hilux will have only air condition system.

How to make a payment?

We accept only T/T payment in 100% before we ship out.

What currency you deal?

We use mainly USD. However, we also accept GBP and Thai Baht.

What does your quoted price include?

We normally quote in FOB term price. It means a car price include delivery from show room to sea ports, and also include custom dues, export taxes, port fee, handling charge. You also can get the quote by ex-work rate in the case that you have your own shipping agent.

What is the inspection charge?

In some countries, they require inspection products ship to their countries. We can arrange inspection or you, and we will charge you what they charge us.

Apart from a cost of Hilux, what else I need to pay?

This is the list of cost that might occur

  • Sea freight cost
  • Your import duty
  • Clearing cost
  • VAT and other taxes
  • Insurance ( if you buy )
  • Inspection charge ( if your country require )

How much is shipping charge?

It is vary, depends on destination and timing. You can get the quote either from your shipping agent or us. We will give the quotation for shipping as your request.

How long will I get a car after ordering?

It normally take between 3-6 weeks depend on destination.

How can I do a custom clearance?

You can go to your local shipping agent. We will work with them for you. Or you can do the clearance by yourself, however, we do not recommend this option unless you have experience before.

What document I need for a custom clearance?

First of all, we would like to let you know that we will provide all documents for you. You do not need to have any hassle time on document preparation.

Here documents you will receive from us

  • Bill of Lading (B/L)
  • Commercial Invoice

What information is required for shipment?

Consignee address:  Information of person who will receive the car.

Courier address: Where shipping document will be sent

Notify party: Your local agent detail and contact, in the case you use shipping agent. If you do the custom clearance by yourself, this will be your detail&contact